The overarching focus of the consortium is to bring together groups interested in building, training, and using large-scale models with those who are building and operating large-scale computing systems. The target community encompasses (a) those working on AI methods development, natural language processing/multimodal approaches and architectures, full stack implementations, scalable libraries and frameworks, AI workflows, data aggregation, cleaning and organization, training runtimes, model evaluation, downstream adaptation, alignment, etc.; (b) those that design and build hardware and software systems; and (c) those that will ultimately use the resulting AI systems to attack a range of problems in science, engineering, medicine, and other domains.

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  • Introducing the Trillion Parameter Consortium (TPC) — Generative AI for Science and Engineering

    The Trillion Parameter Consortium (TPC) has witnessed incredible interest, along with many questions about our consortium goals and operations. This post lays out the purpose of the consortium and an initial process for leveraging current momentum and interest. Goals of the Consortium. Broadly speaking, the TPC has three goals: Target Community. The overarching focus of…

  • TPC Announced with Founding Partners

    On Friday, 10-November TPC released the announcement below. The community continues to grow–with now over 500 participants in the Slack workspace, from nearly 70 organizations around the world. We expect to announce additional partners in the coming weeks and months, as we develop governance functions and membership processes. New International Consortium Formed to Create Trustworthy…

  • Initial TPC Meet-up Held at Argonne National Laboratory

    As noted in the July 2023 TPC announcement, TPC has grown out of a number of interactions during the past several years. As it became clear that a collaborative initiative like TPC was critically needed, leaders from multiple organizations convened a workshop in August 2023. Some 200 people from over 50 organizations around the world…

TPC Seminar Series

This seminar series will explore the incredible potential of Large-Language Models (LLMs) and their synergy with High-Performance Computing (HPC) techniques and technologies.

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